Eddie Chong's Wing Chun & Bak Mei Kung Fu Association


Eddie Chong's Wing Chun & Bak Mei Kung Fu Association


Training with Sifu Chong affords one the opportunity to obtain skills beyond hand-to-hand combat!

Welcome to Chong’s Wing Chun and Bak Mei Kung Fu Association, an organization that was created by Sifu Eddie Chong to promote the Chinese Martial Arts of Wing Chun and Bak Mei and the Healing Arts of Chi Kung and Thai Massage. 

Instruction in Chong’s Martial Arts includes three different Martial Systems and Healing Arts:

  • Hong Kong Wing Chun according to the Yip Man system
  • Fushan Wing Chun according to the Pan Nam system
  • Fushan Bak Mei
  • Chi Kung
  • Thai Massage

Training in Chong’s Martial Arts involves the development of the mind and body. The immediate benefits include conditioning, improvement of coordination and self-confidence. Specific drills will improve aerobics, flexibility and agility. Training with Sifu Chong affords one the opportunity to obtain skills beyond hand-to-hand combat!



➤ Wing Chun Schedule

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

10:00 am - 12:30 pm

➤ BaK Mei Schedule

Tuesday, Thursday
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm


7039 South Land Park Drive
Sacramento, CA 95831



(916) 424-4710


Sifu Eddie Chong is recognized worldwide by martial artists as a prominent practitioner and instructor of Fushan Kung Fu. Sifu Eddie began his training of Wing Chun in 1968, leading him to a journey that made him devote over 49 years of his life to Kung Fu. 

Healing ARTS

Chi Kung is a century old art of internal strengthening and healing. The practice of holding certain postures, meditative breathing and mental focus allows for relaxation and stress release for better Chi flow throughout the body. 

Wing CHun

Among the martial arts, Wing Chun is famous for being astonishing effective in close-range fighting. Emphasizing the concept of sensitivity, Wing Chun relies upon a sense of touch in anticipating the movement and redirection of an attack. 


The seminars are flexible in format. Designed to compliment your courses and focus on the aspects that optimally meet your needs. Seminars are usually tailored by Sifu Chong according to the experience and previous training of the student(s). Additionally, Sifu Chong can create training agendas upon request for specific subject matter.


The motto of Bak Mei is to chain movements of heavy strikes, using the straight to go out and receive with the horizontal, use complementary powers generated by the body and combine offense and defense as one.


Freestanding Wooden Dummies (Mook Yan Jong) are available for sale. They are personally hand crafted by Sifu Eddie Chong and his associates. These wooden dummies are freestanding, utilizing considerably less space. We offer an Oak wooden dummy and a PVC dummy.


There’s simply no counter to Wing Chun done well.
No Strategies, techniques or tactics will ever able to over the brilliance of fluid, simultaneous reactions
— Sifu Adam Williss


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